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The Horror… The Horror

If you like horror games then you’re not alone. Horror video games are a huge feature of the videogames landscape, popular on every console and computer. We love the games that scare us, the games that deliver the most shocking jump scares and scenes of utter terror. We love the teen slasher games and the weird, folksy, creepy ones. We love horror games set on spaceships and horror games set in hunting lodges. We love the cosmic horror games and we love the zombie horror games. Oh how we love the zombie horror games.

Every Night Is Fright Night

It’s not hard to see the appeal of a little jolt of horror in your week! It can be Halloween every day of the year when you jump online and play some horror games. Just make sure you're brave enough before you start clicking! If you think horror movies are scary then you shouldn’t play some of the horror games out there now… especially with headphones on… especially alone and late at night!

Horror games now can be truly terrifying. YouTube is full of videos of the petrified reactions of players working their way through the latest big-ticket horror game and almost jumping out of their chairs.

Whatever scares you, from ghouls to ghosts, zombies to monsters and everything in between, you can immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of blood and gore safely, knowing that — as much as it might terrify you — you are only ever a click away from being back in reality.

Horror Games And The Flavors of Horror

These days we think of horror games generally belonging to one or more of a few sub-types of horror game, much as horror movies are usually divided into different sub-types. In horror games, the sub-types are;

  • Survival horror. These are essentially action games where the scarcity of ways to fight is a big part of the game. Your gun, if you get one at all, will almost always be out of bullets. You will be able to fight the monsters to some extent, but you will always be on the very edge of defeat. Zombie games are a typical example of this type of horror game. Their end-of-days setting means that scarcity of resources makes sense, and zombies can always overrun even the best-equipped defenses anyway.
  • Action horror. Action horror games are closer to shooters in terms of the action they deliver. You’re talking quick, dynamic gameplay where you will spend more of your time in open combat than in sneaking around or resource gathering. The Resident Evil franchise, from RE4 and onwards, really pioneered and perfected the formula for this type of game and started something of a trend in the genre.
  • Psychological horror. In psychological horror, a lot of the fear is produced from your own imagination. The game suggests terrible things instead of showing them and relies on your mental processes to scare you more deeply than any artist-created monster ever could. Often these games play with the balance between victim and monster by having the player themselves begin to question their own sanity. This moves much of the horror from the game world to inside your head. Now that’s scary!

Horror Games Here On GamePix

Horror games are brilliant at tapping into your deepest, darkest fears and drawing you in for a really immersive experience. Here on Gamepix, you'll find a truly staggering number of scary game styles. We have the games here to scare you, no matter how immune to chills you may think you are;

  • You can wander through haunted houses and test your courage as you creep from room to room, always fearing that your next step will bring you face-to-face with something terrible.
  • You can fight zombies, or be chased by zombies, or strategize against zombies… you get the picture: we have a lot of zombie games! The decades-long love affair between games and zombies shows no sign of running out of steam anytime soon and we have plenty of takes on the classic undead formula to keep you busy.
  • You can take on any one of a host of point-and-click games, offered in a variety of graphic styles, from 3D realism through to cartoon-like silliness, so you can control the amount of scares you’re given — but remember, there could still be a few jumps to contend with!
  • You can dip into the ever popular Granny horror series. There are creepy scares a-plenty in this long-running internet favorite. Why not pick up the first game today and prepare to be terrified?
  • Slenderman, apparition from the darker corners of the internet and our minds, is here in a series of games that will captivate you with their unsettling mood, whether or not you ever stand a chance against the demon himself!
  • Slendrina, a side character from the Granny series who may or may not be related to Slenderman in some appalling way, has also found an avid fanbase in her own series of terrifying games, many of which are right here and guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine.
  • Then we have the less frightening games like Mineworld Horror, which puts the action in the low-poly style of Minecraft to keep things fun, or the lovable 2029 Catpocalypse Io, which is about as far from the scary side of horror as it’s possible to get!

Like every game here on GamePix, our horror browser games work straight from the site on any device, with no need to download or update anything, ever. Your bank account won’t get a fright, either, as all of our games are totally free to play.


Are horror games scary?

Yes! That’s pretty much the whole point of them. Horror games are there to give you that thrill of fear. They want you to feel the excitement of being pursued by some terrible creature without you needing to be in any actual danger. Horror games can be very scary indeed and are certainly not the sort of thing you should show to children. Most adults will be fine unless they’re particularly sensitive. That said, you never really know — we all have that One Thing that really, really scares us. That means the wrong sort of horror game can scare even the toughest of us. Of course you could say that makes it absolutely the right sort of horror game!

Are horror games free?

All of our browser-based horror games are certainly free! Like all of our games here on GamePix, they work on any device, anywhere you can get an internet connection and they don’t need you to download or update anything, ever. You can scream all you want but it won’t cost you a dime!

What are the most popular horror?

  • Zombie Outbreak Arena
  • Maze of Infection
  • TrollFace Quest: Horror
  • Siren Apocalyptic
  • Mineworld Horror
  • Jeff The Killer vs Slendrina
Horror games 🕹️ | Play For Free on GamePix (2024)


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