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Beacon/ is theGovTech solution allowing users to view local government information and related records online.

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Beacon/ combines web-based GIS data reporting tools including CAMA and tax into a single, user-friendly web application that is designed with your needs in mind.

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With Beacon/, give your community the tools to do their own research, on their own time, from any internet accessible device! Online 24/7! Beacon/qPublic.netis a quick, user-friendly and affordable web portal blending searching, reporting, and mapping for every community. Beacon/ never sleeps. Over half of the usage happens when the offices are closed.Thus your organization increases in visibility and exposure, as well as increasing services to taxpayers, when and where the users need it.Let us help you!It's easier than you think!

No middle-man to get your site up! We're there from start to finish with our turn-key solution!

Our tabbed navigation interface creates an intuitive, user-friendly experience whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Get reliability withusage reports and our failover systems!

  • One of the largest GovTech providers in the country!

  • Serving over 600 communities across the nation.

  • Over 23 million unique usersannually.

  • Over 19 million parcel records hosted and regularly updated.

  • Last year, our websites answered over 512 millionquestions!

  • Saved over 94 million trips to local offices last year.

  • 80% of the visitors are return users.

  • Lowers counter and phone traffic, saving an average of 25 labor hours daily per site.

  • 24/7/365 access to local government records.

  • Works on all web browsers and all mobile devices.

With smaller budgets and larger demand for services, local governments across the country are realizing the value in making their data availableonline for public and internal users. We offer a complete turn-key service that contains all related costs, including website design, set-up, search engine, connection costs, server costs, updates, and 24-hour automated monitoring. We also include assistance setting up your static information web pages and downloadable forms, as well as unlimited use of our "template library" of common appraisal information web pages (which may be customized as your office dictates). Our ''Cost To Service Ratio'' is unmatched. We offer this service as a budget maker - not a budget breaker!

Because of our experience and knowledgeable staff, Schneider Geospatial can set up your site in a matter of days, compared to other companies that can take an average of two or more months. By offering a fast turnaround time, Beacon/qPublic.netcan assist your organization in drawing value and a return on investment immediately. Beacon/qPublic.netalso provides you the ability to pick the hosting plan and features that best serve the needs of your organization and community.

Allow your users to quickly lookup property data (including sales) and GIS while saving them and your office the time and money of a courthouse visit. Use our fast servers and proven search capabilities to enable your users to access all the information you feel will be most helpful. No long waits for server or connection setups - and data updates are seamless!Backup power systems, standby generators, content back-ups, and 24/7 automated monitoring ensures you a 99.99% uptime!

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Schneider Geospatial works for you! No extra staff or major duties are required by your team. No equipment, connection, or server maintenance to worry about. Once you decide on the data you feel is right for your operation the rest is automatic. Beacon/'s user-friendly search capabilities will put your office on the leading frontier of cost-efficient and convenient customer service!

Don’t have a fully developed GIS? No problem, Beacon/qPublic.netcan provide a public portal for other public information. Users will be able to access local information by pulling public databases pertaining to assessment, CAMA, tax, real estate, cemetery records, document management, utility billing systems, permits, recorded documents, reports, and more, up to a consolidated search portal.

  • Website information is updated daily with industry-leading software.

  • Unsurpassed customer service and technical helpdesk support, available via email or phone.

  • Search by name, map, address, parcel or account number, legal description, or sales.

  • User-defined styles with a custom domain name and email accounts available.

  • No new hardware, no app or plug-in needed. Works on all browsers.

  • We make the transition of your public records to the internet quick, affordable, and easy!


We provide online access to property records from local governments across the country. Some sites are available to the public as a service of the local government (limited data), while others require a subscription for access to more detailed property data (enhanced features) and advanced tools.

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Timothy Icenogle

Cass County, Illinois

This is so user friendly, why doesn’t every county have this system? One big benefit is the courthouse counter traffic has been reduced and when they do come in they often have used Beacon and are more prepared, thus minimizing the staff time.

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Dale McCurdy
Chief Appraiser

Catoosa County, Georgia is some of the best money we've spent.

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Kathy Crawford
Property Appraiser

Hardee County, Florida

We are totally in love with! The color scheme and our new logo looks great! We are getting tons of positive feedback.

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Jeff Kelley
Property Valuation Administrator

Webster County, Kentucky

Great team. Great product.

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Wayne Schwickerath

Story County, Iowa

Having worked with numerous technology providers during my 40-plus years in the assessment industry, I can say that Beacon has clearly exceeded my expectations in regards to the quality of software, the level of service, and the ease of deployment.

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Debbie Carnes

Hanco*ck County, Indiana

We really, really, really see the benefit of it. I don't know how a County could survive without it.

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Justin Eimers

Miami County, Kansas

I have had a great experience working with Schneider Geospatial, [Beacon] looks great and their staff is always very prompt and flexible when it comes to making changes that fit our organization. Schneider honestly makes things easy.

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Brandon Hollinberger
GIS Technician

Platte County, Missouri

I love having Beacon in my corner. You guys do so many little things in the background.

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Ray Durston
Supervisor of Assessments

Montgomery Co., Illinois

Beacon works well for us and we receive a lot of complements from the public about how easy it is to access the site and look up information.


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