Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper bring their kids to a birthday party (2024)

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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, who are each the proud fathers of two children, shared their daddy duties together at at a birthday party celebration on Sunday in New York City.

They each documented their fun time together by sharing the same photo of the duo with their respective eldest sons on their shoulders on their respective Instagram pages.

'Every day is Father's Day! #AC4,' Cohen, 55, gushed on his post showing him standing next to his pal and New Year's Eve host with five-year-old son Benjamin on his back, although his face isn't visible.

'Hanging out with @bravoandy and the little ones. No better way to spend the day,' Cooper, 56, disclosed when he posted the picture on his social media platform showing him withthree-year-old son Wyatt relaxing on his back.

Andy Cohen, 55, and Anderson Cooper, 56, went on daddy duty together on Sunday and brought their kids to a children's birthday party in New York City

The two dads, who often get together for play dates between their four children, both looked to be having a great time at the party, from the looks of their proud smiles.

The Bravo host can be seen in a green t-shirt moments after hoisting Ben on to his shoulders for some fun play time.

The CNN journalist came dressed in a black Polo-style shirt with matching pants with Wyatt chilling out on his back in blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt.

Cohen would also take to his Instagram Stories to share a selfie snap of just himself and Cooper sitting among a bunch of children's toys with the caption: Birthday party dads.'

Along with Ben, the executive producer of The Real Housewives franchise is also dad to daughter Lucy, who turns two on April 29. It's not known whether she was also at the playtime birthday bash.

Both of his kids were born via surrogacy, and although Ben and Lucy were carried by different surrogates, Cohen has said that the two are 'biological siblings,' according to a report by People.

Cooper also has a second sonSebastian, two, along with older brother Wyatt, who both arrived via surrogacy.

The two TV stars dubbed themselves 'birthday party dads ' in a selfie snap taken at the party

The Bravo host gushed about sharing daddy duties with the CNN journalist, who both had their eldest kids rested on their shoulders at a party

Cooper would also share the same photo and write how there was 'no better way to spend the day' then with his good pal and their children

He has been open about co-parenting with his former longtime partner,Benjamin Maisani, whom he dated for more than a decade before their split in 2018.

But the two exes remained good friends and both remain committed to being dads to their two boys.

The duo first met when their mutual friends tried to set them up on a blind date in the 1990s, but they never got together due to Cooper calling it off after they talked on the phone.

Along with Ben, Cohen is also a proud dad to one-year-old daughter Lucy

Both Cohen and Cooper welcomed their two respective children via surrogacy

The CNN journalist also has a second son Sebastian, two, along with Wyatt, three

The two TV stars first met when their mutual friends tried to set them up on a blind date but Cooper called it off after he chatted with Cohen on the phone; ultimately they reconnected a few years later and have become close friends ever since

'We had a phone call to set up the date, and I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen,' the news journalist revealed during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 'He violated my cardinal rule, which is he asked me about my mom [Gloria Vanderbilt] within the first minute of talking to me.'

'I wanted to date the Vanderbilt boy! I was excited!' Cohen explained. Cooper ended up canceling the date.

While a romance between the two men didn't blossom they did connect as friendsa few years later when they both joined the same group that would travel together and ultimately became close friends.

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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper bring their kids to a birthday party (2024)


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